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Google Code-in 2013 Drupal

Finish Drupal Ladder [D8 Twig theme system] - Convert a PHP template file into a Twig template

completed by: Heidi Dong

mentors: Matthew Lechleider

Review the "Drupal Core Ladder" at website above and finish the specific step required in this task.It is important to note any issues as Drupal 8 is not out yet and you might be one of the first users climbing the ladder for Drupal 8 related steps (some steps might be d6/7). If you find any issues document while providing feedback on how to resolve. If you find any blank steps your task becomes to write the first draft/version of the step.

Deliverables: Provide evidence for completing the steps by writing a blog post with screenshots and notes about the experience. If the step was simple feel free to post a few comments here with screenshot rather than creating an entire blog post.  What did you learn? How will you continue to utilize these skills?