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Google Code-in 2013 Haiku

[Easy] Outsource the Caya buildsystem

completed by: Jakub Zárybnický

mentors: Barrett

This task is related to extract the current Caya build system, and make it a bit more generic so that it can be easily used for other apps. The task will involve this roadmap :

  • Clone the repository, remove the Caya source (and the .git dir), then readd a minimal main.cpp (just to test things, you can use a simplified Caya main too).
  • Rework the few lines needed to make it a bit more generic (once you clam the task your mentor will provide additional info).
  • Make it able to produce an hpkg as output or alternatively, make the configure able to get the install dir as parameter.
  • Do any other fix at your own option.

You can find Caya at this link :

The work should be submitted as pull request, at this repo :