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Google Code-in 2013 Haiku

Fix DESCRIPTION entries for Haikuports recipes that are over 70 characters long. ***BONUS***

completed by: Luke

mentors: Diver, Emrys Demir, Alex-P. Natsios

Several recipes have long descriptions that are over 70 characters long and used line breaks to make the look better in the recipes, but this results in broken lines in the Haiku Depot descriptions.  This task is to review the current descriptions list in Haiku Depot in the latest nightly builds and to fix the recipes for any that are found to have broken lines in Haiku Depot.  To fix them follow the technique used in this one:

that is use \ to clip the lines before the 70th column, and avoid using line breaks except for lists, or end of paragraphs, otherwise the descriptions appear broken in Haiku Depot.