GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 Haiku

Fix 2 broken .recipe files for Haikuporter

completed by: Anna Gajdová

mentors: Richie Nyhus-Smith, Alex-P. Natsios

For this task you will need Haiku up and running and also need to install Haikuporter.

When updating Haikuporter to support PackageManagement the old .bep files were renamed to .recipe but many are still missing a few required fields such as SUMMARY, ARCHITECTURES, SECONDARY_ARCHITECTURES, PROVIDES, REQUIRES, LICENSE, COPYRIGHT, etc.  This task is to update 2 of the old .recipe files so that they build the intended pacakge.  For this task please pick the latest rev for each package and leave the older ones as is, those will probably be removed once a working recipes is in place.  To see a list of possible targets you can run `Haikuporter --lint`