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Google Code-in 2013 Haiku

Write a guide on how to run Haiku in the AMD SimNow virtual machine

completed by: shaily

mentors: Humdinger, Richie Nyhus-Smith, Diver, Emrys Demir


In this task you will download and install the SimNow virtual machine. You will investigate what the possible ways of virtualizing Haiku in the SimNow virtual machine(Can you use an anyboot, a raw image, a vmdk image or can you only use a iso image?). 

Next you will write a how-to guide on how to run Haiku under the SimNow virtual machine, including screenshot of screens where need.


Have a look at this guide written in a past GCI for inspiration.

You don't have to do as many screenshots, but one or two in the tricky spots would be good.


The point of this task is to provide the details specific to running Haiku in a virtualized environment. From setting up configuration options/files specific to the host software, to currently known issues, to creating larger virtualized hard drives, etc. This is important in allowing others to be able to easily get Haiku up and running, allowing them to try Haiku without the risk of installing it to harddisk. 

This task will also give you experience in writing end-user documentation and will help your research skill while you investigate how Haiku can be used in this software.

It should be noted that this VM is aimed at developers and not at normal users as it used to debug AMD hardware drivers. AMD do not have their Windows binary listed on their website anymore, so you will have to find in on the web if you want to do this task on Windows. 



Their website

Getting Haiku

Other guides for Inspiration

Haiku IRC chatroom chatroom

  Screenshot of AMD driver development: