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Google Code-in 2013 KDE

Test knewstuff for HIG compliance

completed by: ☃ snowman

mentors: Thomas Pfeiffer

KDE is working on a new set of "Human Interface Guidelines" or "HIG". These guidelines are a set of rules that a KDE application should follow in order to be consistent with each other. Your task is to go through an application window and check if it conforms to each of these which applies to it: Applicants should fill out a spreadsheet of each category stating if the application passes, as well as a list of violations. Applicants should also make a note of any terminology (words) or sentences that are confusing in the guidelines. For this task applicants should go through any one "Get new [...]" dialog (e.g. "Get new widgets" in the Add Widgets dialog, "Gew New Wallpapers..." in Desktop Settings or "Download New Services" in Dolphin).