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Rename Battery & Brightness applet's plugin name to org.kde.plasma.battery

completed by: ☃ snowman

mentors: Bhushan Shah

Currently we are renaming applets to org.kde.plasma.* for consistency, In this task you have to rename Battery & Brightness applet's plugin name to org.kde.plasma.battery from battery

For this task a build-environment of kde-workspace on top of Qt5 and KF5 is required. If you don't have such a setup follow the steps of - be aware that setting up build environment is time consuming. Please only claim the task if you have this setup.

Code for Battery & Brightness is in the kde-workspace git repository (git clone git:// in plasma/generic/applets/batterymonitor

You need to edit X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name entry in metadata.desktop and CMakeLists.txt file to use new plasma_install_package CMake macro. Examples for this macro are in plasma/generic/applets/CMakeLists.txt