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KTouch: Create an new touch typing course for the English (US) keyboard layout (Part 7)

completed by: Benjamin Kaiser

mentors: Sebastian Gottfried

KTouch is an application to learn touch typing, the skill to type on a keyboard without having to look at it.

During training with this application, the user has to type lesson texts provided by a course specifically made for his keyboard layout. The first lessons only cover a few keys, later lessons gradually introduce more keys. After completing the course the user will have learned all the keys and should have become a touch typist.

KTouch ships with quite of an assortment of different courses, but their quality diverges greatly. The current course for the English (US) keyboard layout is incomplete and in general in a bad shape.

The goal of this task series is to create an replacement for this course.

The skeleton for this course can be found here.

For this task, write the lessons texts for "Lesson 13: z, / and ?" to "Lesson 14: [, ], { and }" in this course.

Please refer to the relevant documentation sections (see below) to learn about the quality standards to be met by the lessons.

To create the lessons the built-in course editor of KTouch should be used.

Prerequisites: basic English writing skills, installed KTouch (at least version 2.0)

Relevant links: