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Google Code-in 2013 KDE

Add the feature of checkbox-state dependent descriptions to map themes

completed by: Yazeed Zoabi

mentors: Torsten Rahn, Dennis Nienhüser, Utku Aydın

1. Download the Homann and Doppelmayr map from 1707 from

2. Install it, run Marble and change to the moon in order to see it.

3. Open the Legend Browser. You can see two checkboxes there:

Ricciolli and Hevelius

If you play with them you can see that the checkboxes should rather act exclusive as radiobuttons.

4. The description inside the legend browser which for this particular map currently starts with:

"Doppelmayr created the comparative chart above to illustrate ... "

should change depending on the state of the checkboxes. If the Riccioli map checkbox is enabled the description should provide more details about the Ricioli map. If the Hevelius map checkbox  is activated then the description should provide more coverage on Hevelius.

Since the Marble Legend Browser is based on WebKit this can probably be done using Javascript.

The focus of this task is to find a proof-of-concept solution that

  • displays the text depending on the checkbox setting
  • is elegant
  • is backwards compatible with our old Marble Legend Browser (i.e. using old versions of Marble just the default text is displayed and changing the checkboxes does nothing)

This proof of concept solution should be implemented using the Hofmann/Doppelmayr map. The text snippets that are used to illustrate the feature can be verbose placeholders.