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Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Refactor sp09 #5 - sppartition_err01

completed by: mandar

mentors: Chris Johns

First do a Getting Started task.

This task consists of modifying testsuites/sptests/sp09 per the instructions at You will need to create a new test (sppartition_err01) based on all cases from screen 11 in

1. Start by making a copy of




2. find all references to the other screens

grep -R screen

delete the references to the other screens in the


directory, and delete 

rtems/tree/sptests/sppartition_err01/screen1.c screen2.c screen3.c ... etc, except screen11.c

delete the references to screen11.c in the 


3. Add a reference to sppartition_err01 in


4. run bootstrap from the rtems directory

5. try to build

6. once it builds, generate the patch

A patch generated using git diff will need to be submitted to fulfill this task. This patch will be reviewed by the mentors and suggestions are likely to be made.