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Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Identify new microprocessor architectures appropriate for RTEMS #1

completed by: Pratik Mohapatra

mentors: Joel Sherrill

Although most computer users are only familiar with the x86, PowerPC (Mac), and ARM (phones, etc.), there are at least a dozen other microprocessor architectures used in embedded systems. Identify one which RTEMS is not available for and determine if it is feasible to port RTEMS to it. If it is not feasible, identify why. If it is feasible, look at the features of the architecture that would be important to the person porting RTEMS to this architecture.

To get started, some ideas for architectures can be found at:

Additional architectures can be found at: and

If you know of an architecture that isn't on either list, please propose it anyway!

The expected result is a 1 paragraph to 1 page paper.