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Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Waf conversion: Convert rtems-graphics-toolkit

completed by: Chirayu Desai

mentors: Chris Johns, Gedare, C Rempel

You must have completed a Hello World task. The ideal student will also have experience with waf and running RTEMS in Qemu.

The RTEMS Graphics Toolkit is a suite of software to help users create graphics-enabled programs with RTEMS. Instructions on using the updated toolkit are available at and the patch for microwindows.git from should be applied.

For this task, you will convert the Graphics Toolkit to use a Waf build system. This will include adding the rtems_waf git submodule, adding submodules for the other git modules that the graphics toolkit relies on, adding the wscripts needed to build the graphics toolkit, and testing the build on at least the pc386 target. It would be good to also test with the ARM realview target on qemu.

Submit your work as patches here, and post the patches to the rtems-devel mailing list.