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Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Create POSIX Timing Test psxtmthread02 (13-#11)

completed by: Daniel Ramirez

mentors: Gedare

This task consists of creating the timing test testsuites/psxtmtests/psxtmthread02 for the POSIX API method when used in a particular manner. The test case is: pthread_create - preempt. Please check testsuites/psxtmtests/psxtmtests_plan.csv and make sure this description match that in the spreadsheet file. Also there may be multiple test cases in one test name. The .csv file along with advice from mentors is truth. In some cases a single test name may have multiple timing cases and be listed on two lines in the .csv file. Just be careful. As a hint if there is no dash in the description then this is the only case of interest for that method. If there are multiple methods then test both methods. The test should be created using the test instantiation helper and templates in rtems-testing/rtems-test-templates. This test will be using the template: psxtmtest_single. See for more details