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Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

tmtests - Move Shared Data Declaration to Only Tests Needing It

completed by: Daniel Ramirez

mentors: Joel Sherrill

This task involves taking the following declarations out of testsuites/tmtests/include/timesys.h and moving/duplicating the declarations in ONLY those tests which actually need an array of task names and id. Most tests do not need these in them and it is a waste of space. Some tests needing them may already declare them and still not need them.

TEST_EXTERN rtems_id   Task_id[ OPERATION_COUNT+1 ];   /* array of task ids */

TEST_EXTERN rtems_name Task_name[ OPERATION_COUNT+1 ]; /* array of task names */

This task will require removing the declarations and seeing which tmtests and psxtmtests no longer compile. Then placing one or both of these lines appropriately into each test (likely without the TEST_EXTERN). 

HINT: It is highly unlikely any psxtmtests need this. 

HINT: If you remove them and build from scratch, the compiler will be your friend and tell you where they are needed. :)

The measure of success is all tests compiling and running along with a warning free patch.