GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Port benchmark: Rhealstone

completed by: Daniel Ramirez

mentors: Chris Johns, Joel Sherrill, Gedare, C Rempel

You should complete a Getting Started / Hello World task first.

This task asks you to create a suite of RTEMS applications that implements the Rhealstone benchmark. Each benchmark should be located in its own subdirectory, for example 'tswit', within a new git repository that you create. You may use existing RTEMS test code such as that in testsuites/tmtests/* or testsuites/sptests/*, and the directory structure and waf build system in the examples-v2 waf conversion for inspiration. Your applications should be compiled with the rtems_waf project as a git-submodule. The license for your application must be an OSI-approved license, and it should be "RTEMS-friendly", which means it should permit user code to statically link against it. Valid options include the RTEMS license, 2-clause BSD, and MIT licenses. Note that you must honor the license terms of any code that you re-use from other sources.

You will submit a compressed tar file (for example rhealstone.tar.gz) that contains your git repository. You should also post the repository on a public code-sharing site such as github, bitbucket, or google code.