GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project


completed by: Radu Toma

mentors: Joel Sherrill

A number of tests have documentation but some of them need clean up.
  • change the original style names for RTEMS services where rtems_task_create was t_create
  • remove all references to ex_init, ex_shutdown, i_enter, and i_return should be removed.
  • Reduce line length to 80 characters
  • All copyright dates should include 2013 since they have been touched
  • The list of APIs should be one per line,
  • use current names, and 
  • actually be used in the test.

Please submit TWO (2) patches.

  • One (1) for style changes and 
  • one (1) for reducing line length to 80 characters

NOTE: The focus is not on ALL APIs used but on the ones being tested.:

The files which this task applies to is:
  sp16.doc sp17.doc sp20.doc sp21.doc sp23.doc
Mentors: Ensure the mods are correct and applied before closing.