GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Create video tutorial: Getting Started using Linux

completed by: Shardul Chiplunkar

mentors: Chris Johns

This task requires you to have an installed Linux distribution on your computer. You will also need a microphone to record your voice giving instructions, and you will need to install or have screencast software.

Before doing this task you should complete one of the Getting Started/Hello World tasks.

For this task we ask you to create a screencast tutorial of the process of doing the GSoC Getting Started Guide but with using the RTEMS Source Builder to create the tool set, just like with the Getting Started/Hello World task. You should show how to install any pre-requisite software for the RSB such as the GCC Development Tools, either from your distributions package manager or by compiling from source. The tutorial should be high quality, and you should fast-forward through any long delays such as compiling the tool set. You may find it useful to prepare and rehearse a script to follow, which you will probably want to have either printed or hand-written so you can keep it at hand without needing to refer to it on your computer screen.

For your submission you should upload the edited screencast video. You may optionally submit other materials such as your script.