GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Draft rules for BSP Doxygen

completed by: Daniel Ramirez

mentors: Vipul Nayyar

This task asks you to write a draft document that describes a set of rules for adding Doxygen comments to the BSPs in RTEMS (c/src/lib/libbsp/*). Take into consideration the existing draft at which is incomplete in some respects. You should define guidelines for the sets of groups that an architecture or BSP would define, and how to handle situations such as modules that are shared among multiple BSPs or architectures. As guidance for the complexities that may exist, you may look at the Doxygen that has been added within the arm and sparc architectures.

Upload a text document for your submission in a format that can be copy-pasted into the wiki page linked above.