GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Waf conversion: Convert the RKI to use rtems_waf

completed by: Chirayu Desai

mentors: Chris Johns, Gedare, Alan Cudmore, Amar Takhar

An ideal candidate for this task will have completed a waf conversion task and be familiar with make, waf, and python.

The RTEMS Kernel Image (RKI) is a tool developed by Alan Cudmore to facilitate bringing up RTEMS applications quickly. RKI uses a custom Makefile located in the build-@ARCH@-@BSP@ directory to generate the rki.elf executable file. This task asks you to convert the custom Makefile logic to a Waf-based build. You may refer to the examples-v2 for examples of how to handle build complexities such as creating filesystem images.

You should add rtems_waf as a git-submodule to rki (again you should refer to examples-v2), update the readme file with instructions for how to build the rki using waf, and implement one or more wscripts to support building rki.elf for any supported RTEMS BSP. You may also find it helpful to re-organize the shared portions of the existing build system, for example to centralize the rki_config.h, rtems_config.h, and rtems_net_config.h files so they are shared by all builds.

You should submit a pull request on GitHub to the RKI maintainer, and upload a patch to Melange.