GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project


completed by: Chirayu Desai

mentors: Joel Sherrill

You must have completed a Hello World task.

The ideal student will also have experience with waf and running RTEMS in Qemu.

The is a debugging aid to help users debug hardware signals with an RTEMS shell. Instructions on using the debugging aid

Multiio is also used by users as a starting point for developing shell applications with a filesystem and a library/addon.

For this task, you will convert the multiio shell application to use a Waf build system. This will include adding the rtems_waf git submodule, adding the wscripts needed to build the multtio application, and testing the build on an open source software simulator, such as: qemu or sparc-rtems-gdb. Submit your work as patches here, and post the patches to the rtems-devel mailing list.