GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 RTEMS Project

Test Suite Documentation Corrections and Fixes

completed by: mandar

mentors: Joel Sherrill

A number of tests have documentation but some of them need clean up. The following still use the original style names for RTEMS services where rtems_task_create was t_create:

  sp02.doc sp05.doc sp06.doc sp07.doc sp08.doc
  sp09.doc sp11.doc sp12.doc sp13.doc sp15.doc
  sp16.doc sp17.doc sp20.doc sp21.doc sp23.doc
  sp24.doc sp30.doc sp42.doc spcbssched01.doc
Note that all references to ex_init, ex_shutdown, i_enter, and i_return should be removed. The list of APIs should be one per line, use current names, and actually be used in the test. The focus is not on ALL APIs used but on the ones being tested.
Also grep -l -a -e '[^\]\{79,\}' `find . -name "*doc"` finds these which are longer than 80 columns:

  utf8proc01.doc rtems++.doc capture.doc psxkey05.doc
  psxkey09.doc psxkey08.doc psxsignal06.doc
  psxspin01.doc psx08.doc psxkey07.doc spmountmgr01.doc
  sp76.doc spfreechain01.doc sp74.doc fsdosfsname01.doc
  fsdosfswrite01.doc fsrofs01.doc psxtmthread02.doc
Correct the formatting on those.
All copyright dates should include 2013 since they have been touched.
This is to patches to be submitted -- one for the updates and one for 80 lines.
Mentors: Ensure the mods are correct and applied before closing.