GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2013 Sahana Software Foundation

[Eden] Test the edenstart application using Windows.

completed by: Anurag Sharma

mentors: Graeme


Edenstart is a experimental application to help with the process of installing and configuring Sahana Eden. Later it is envisioned that it can be used to update a deployment.

In a new install of web2py clone edenstart from Run the application write a report on the application. The report should be written from the perspective of a new user to Sahana Eden. The report should address the following points:
Brief description of the system being deployed to, such as:
web server
python version
python libraries pre-installed
Did you have to adjust your system to get to the end of the application?
If so how far were you able to get to on the first run
What changes did you need to do to your system.
What was difficult about the process?
What changes should be done to make the application easier? (a minimum of three recommendations is expected)
If you have done the manual install then what, if anything, was good about this?