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Google Code-in 2013 Sugar Labs

Web Services Exploration

completed by: Victoria

mentors: tchx84

Research, identify, analyze and propose 5 (five) simple web services (web applications that expose a web service API) that you think can be useful for classroom activities.

For each proposal, you must elaborate:

1. What it can do.

2. Why it could be be useful in classroom. Explain this from teachers and also from students point of view (separately).

3. How it can be use effectively in classroom. Describe a workflow in terms of teachers and students interaction, through this web service.

4. Which endpoints are actually useful and how they fit in the workflow you describe in (3). Include references to the API documentation.

5. What could be the technical challenges for using the web service. 


Please, make sure you read our web services documentation first, so you don't mention the ones we already support [1].