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Google Code-in 2014 Apertium

implement a pester plugin for begiak

completed by: mandarj

mentors: Jonathan

Write a "pester"plugin for Begiak (our IRC bot). The function should be usable as something like ".pester username to commit his code". Begiak should then pester the pesteree once per day and/or when around (or some other sensible period of time) until the pesterer says problem is solved (something like ".stoppestering username to commit his code"). When pestered, the pesteree can postpone (".postponepester from pestereruser") or dismiss ("..dismisspester from pestereruser") the pester. Make sure the code can deal with multiple pesters from the same pesterer to the same pesteree in a sensible way. For this task, you should fork the bot on github and send a pull request when you're done.
For further information and guidance on this task, you are encouraged to come to our IRC channel.