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Google Code-in 2014 Apertium

Manually spell-check running text in an apertium language of your choice

completed by: stasszczesniak

mentors: Akshay Minocha, Jonathan, Francis Tyers

Take 500 words from a public source of user contributed content (such as a forum or a comments section of a website) in a language supported by Apertium (other than English) and manually correct all orthographical and typographical errors. Allow for some variation in terms of what is proper spelling, such as regional differences, etc. (e.g., in English, both "color" and "colour" are correct, but "colur" isn't). If you've found fewer than 20 errors, do this for another 500 words (and so on) until you've identified at least 20 errors. Submit a link to the source you used, and a list of only the words you've corrected (one entry per line like "computre,computer" in a text file).
For further information and guidance on this task, you are encouraged to come to our IRC channel.