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Google Code-in 2014 Apertium

write a spider to change all ab(c)-xy(z)-stems references to ab(c)-xy(z)_stems

completed by: Sushain Cherivirala

mentors: Jonathan

Write a python script to spider the wiki for all pages that contain references to ab(c)-xy(z)-stems (e.g., {{#lst:Apertium-tuk-tur/stats|tuk-tur-stems}} as in the Turkic languages page) and change them to ab(c)-xy(z)_stems. You should check all pages linked to the pages listed in Category:Datastats (i.e., pages like this one) for such text. You can use our current wiki bot's codeā€”it's probably pretty easy to call functions from it like editPage() or login() to edit the wiki. Contact your mentor for a username and password to run the bot with (and then don't tell it to anyone!).