GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Fix any failing unit test #8

completed by: Andromeda Galaxy

mentors: Deepak, Hardeep Singh Rai

We have a lot of unit tests. These tests help ensure proper functionality. Sometimes we add new tests and either 1) the test itself has an error or 2) the test exposes an error in our implementation. We have a few right now that report an error and someone needs to figure out if it's because of reason #1 or reason #2, and then fix the error so the test succeeds.

We will keep adding more tasks like this until there are no more failures. There are also tasks for adding more unit tests.

This task involves compiling BRL-CAD, running "make test", and fixing any of the failing unit tests properly. Your fix should repair all of the issues in any given file.

You'll want to first build BRL-CAD from a source tree checkout (see either directly from our repository or using the provided virutal machine (see for setup instructions). Compile BRL-CAD, then run our unit tests ("make test" on unix, or select the "test" target on other platforms).

Make sure any changes you make compile cleanly and fix the error.

Submit a summary analysis / description of what the error you fixed was, why it was failing, and what you did to fix it.

Submit your changes as a patch file (you can run "svn diff > my_changes.patch").

  • The tests are all in subdirectories, so you can find them easily:
  • src/libbu/tests
  • src/libbn/tests
  • src/librt/tests
  • etc... fix one that is failing.