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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Model tsunami wallpaper artwork with BRL-CAD #2

completed by: Jude

mentors: Harmanpreet, Ishwerdas

This background is pretty cool:

But it was not made with BRL-CAD.

Create a 3D model that is inspired by that design. You don't have to create as polished a rendering as that artwork, but your model should similarly consist of individual elements that are near each other but not actually touching. We're looking for just the 3D geometry itself.

It might help to create a hyp ( ), then create arb5s on the surface, join them into a group without the hyp, and then undraw the hyp.

Submit your work as a BRL-CAD .g geometry database file along with a quick rendered preview of what it looks like (png format).

  • <-- see the intro to mged