GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Design new API function to reduce duplication

completed by: Andromeda Galaxy

mentors: Ishwerdas, Ch3ck

This task involves designing a new function that will measurably help reduce code duplication. You'll need to have already identified a piece of duplicated code that needs to be refactored and/or modified.

This task involves writing just the header file declaration and a doxygen comment that fully describes how the function behaves. It is your responsibility to make sure that the return types and function arguments are well thought out, fit well with our existing conventions, and is a clean simple yet effective design. Think it through.

Submit a patch file with your change, modifying the corresponding public include/header file that goes with the library being modified.

Note candidate libraries to modify are our core libraries:

  • libbu for basic utility functions
  • libbn for basic math and simple geometry functions
  • librt / libnmg / libbrep for more complicated geometry functions
  • libanalyze for analysis functions
  • libged for geometry editing (commands)
  • ... see src/README for a brief listing