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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

PROJECT: Implement web application for testing commit ranges

completed by: Andromeda Galaxy

mentors: Mihai Neacsu, Dishank

This task is part of a larger project with several follow-on tasks. Search on the title and read their descriptions to find related tasks.

We very often end up writing scripts that iterate over on a range of commits to our repository. We usually do this to find when a bug was introduced or evaluate some impact over time (e.g., performance).

This first step in this task is to design a prototype web interface where one page will let us input a script, a starting and ending point commit range, and desired output format. We'll call this a "job". Another page should provide a status dashboard prototype that will be used to display the progress and results thus far for that one job. Another page will summarize the status of all jobs currently in the system.

Submit your designs as either working html or a png preview along with rationale text that explains your design decisions.