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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Visualize ray bundling #2

completed by: Andromeda Galaxy

mentors: Kesha Shah, Daniel_R

This is a follow-on to three other ray sampling tasks.

Basically, show what the sampling currently looks like for all sample parameterizations by either 1) extending rtshot with a new plot/debug option or 2) utilizing existing debug infrastructure (see -x and -! command-line options). Output a 3D visualization for the actual calculated ray values from rtshot.

You can either create actual geometry (e.g., call mk_rcc() for each ray), create 3D line segment plot data representing each ray (brlman plot3, see include/plot3.h), or utilize existing debug infrastructure where the library does the latter for you (run "grep -i plot include/* | grep -i debug" and set the debug code on the command line).

Submit one or more images per sample pattern that help convey understanding of the pattern(s) possible along with the plot files for each pattern or a .g file with all pattern visualizations as separate combinations. Submit any patchfile changes to rtshot if modified.

  • include/optical.h
  • include/raytrace.h