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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Model a toy tank in 3D using BRL-CAD #5

completed by: Vladimir Kuznetsov

mentors: Kesha Shah, Sean

BRL-CAD provides several ways to model 3D geometry including a graphical tool named mged, another named archer, and various ways to create geometry using scripts. We use 3D models for development and to showcase our features. You can learn the basics of 3D modeling in just an hour or two.

This task involves modeling a toy tank. This is basically for a game, so make it look cool. Your job is to model it natively using any of BRL-CAD's tools (i.e., don't model it in something else and import) using 3D primitives and Boolean operations (i.e., without using 2D sketch entities or polygons). There should be at least one main gun, but there can also be secondary gun(s) too.

The tank should be accurately modeled in such a way that it can be printed using a 3D printer. This means that the model should have regions defined for each part and no overlaps (use rtcheck and/or gqa commands to verify). Create one top-level combination to group everything together.

The tank does not have to look realistic or detailed. It should look good when rendered really small (like 32 pixels square), which implies a simple but creative design.

  • Do an image search for "top-down tank game" or "2D tank game" or similar.
  • Introduction to MGED at
  • Submit your model as a .g file (BRL-CAD's geometry file format) and a rendered PNG image. You can run "rt -s1024 -o your_rendering.png your_geometry.g your_top_level_object" to create a PNG rendering of your model.