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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Update and expand our "brep" command manual page

completed by: Andromeda Galaxy

mentors: Sean, Ch3ck

This is a follow-on task to

BRL-CAD's MGED geometry editor provides hundreds of commands. One of those commands for manipulating and visualizing geometry is the ''brep'' command.

This task involves writing and/or extensively expanding the manual page for that command in the Docbook XML format. Note that the brep command has numerous options that you will be expected to document.

There are lots of examples to follow if you're not familiar with docbook or xml. It's really very simple, a lot like html.


  • doc/docbook/system/mann/en/*.xml (read these for examples to follow)
  • bin/mged (you'll need to run this to actually use the ''brep'' command, if you want to learn it in order to document it)
  • bin/csgbrep (will create a slew of 'brep' NURBS objects that the ''brep'' command can work with if you want to learn how to use the command interactively first)


  • doc/docbook/system/mann/en/brep.xml (you expand/update this)

Running ''make'' in a build directory will compile your documentation into html and man page format so you can validate the syntax and formatting. See [[Compiling]] for help. Your update must pass validation, which happens when you run "make" so do be sure to compile BRL-CAD.