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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Design a BRL-CAD business card #5

completed by: Marc Tannous

mentors: Popescu Andrei, Daniel_R

Design a business card for BRL-CAD. These will be cards that community members who got selected in GSOC or in GCI or even for core contributors can give out to others at conferences, meetings, interviews, etc. The design will get filled in with personal information like name, title, phone number, email, maybe a mailing address too.

Submit a one-sided or two-sided design that can be filled in with personal information and sent to a business card printer (or even printed at home).

Designing of BRL-CAD membership cards can be done in LaTeX, GIMP, Photoshop or any other editing software. Please submit your raw working files (e.g., a PSD or XCF with layers) as well as a "preview" example png.

Search the web or other GCI tasks for inspiration, but make sure you only incorporate artwork that we'd have the ability to redistribute without any restriction (look for CC-BY or BSD/MIT license or public domain content), or keep it simple and fully design the card yourself.

Please DO use any of our formal (the three rings) or informal (the moose antlers) logos, include a link to our website in your design, and be sure to put a "dash" in BRL-CAD. Please do NOT create a military-looking theme, use our old eagle logo, or simply copy someone else's design.

Be awesome, be creative, be inspired, be original. ;)