GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Write CoreInterface unit test

completed by: Marc Tannous

mentors: Popescu Andrei, Daniel_R

The C++ Object-oriented API, called CoreInterface aims to provide an easier-to-use, object-oriented interface over the already very powerful set of BRL-CAD tools some of the primitives(classes representing objects have already been written)

You can check out the core interface code from our subversion repository: svn checkout^3/trunk rt^3

Your task is to write a unit test for the sphere primitive. It should be put in rt^3/tests/


  • rt^3/src/coreInterface/Sphere.cpp
  • rt^3/include/brlcad/Sphere.h

Please upload your work in a svn patch(diff) format: svn diff rt^3 > my_changes.patch

  • rt^3/tests/halfspace.cpp
  • rt^3/tests/primitives.cpp
  • rt^3/tests/PrintTitle.cpp
  • rt^3/tests/sphere.cpp <-- you create this
  • rt^3/tests/CMakeLists.txt <-- add your new file in here