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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Design a BRL-CAD Sticker #15

completed by: Ekansh

mentors: Hardeep Singh Rai, Gauravjeet Singh

This task involves designing a BRL-CAD sticker. Make it look good, something you'd be proud to give to all of your friends and family, something you'd put on your laptop or phone case. Look over some great sticker designs before starting to work on this, including the other completed GCI sticker designs by others.

Simple is good. Using our formal (the three circles) or informal (moose antlers) logo is great. Please avoid any military theme (no tanks!), do not use our old eagle logo, but do put a dash in BRL-CAD. If you use the three circle gear logo, the centers should be white and it must be 300dpi high quality -- use one of the vector versions submitted as a GCI task here or search around for one.

There is no bound shape for the shape of the sticker. It can be rectangular, circular, or even irregular shaped. The only thing that matters is that it look really cool.

Logo References:

  • (this is too low resolution)
  • (also too low)
  • (also too low)

You may get some inspiration from our recent book:


Submit your artwork in any file format, but with transparency or dimension settings so we can print them properly. (png, xcf, or psd work well). Give your name so we can credit you if you like as well and join our brlcad-news mailing list to hear if we use your sticker design.

Make it look awesome. LOOK at some of the completed ones and make yours look even better. :-)