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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Create a production-quality version of our logo #5

completed by: Aditya Gulati

mentors: Daniel_R, Gauravjeet Singh

There has been a lot of previous effort working on the BRL-CAD logo. Just see for a survey of efforts. We want to change that from being a misfit collection of activities to a final cohesive logo representation. We've done 90% of the effort already, but need your help putting on the finishing touches.

  1. Go to and read the readme.txt file.
  2. Download and install BRL-CAD, see if you run into problems.
  3. Edit the logo.g geometry file in mged or archer (see the "Introduction to MGED" on [1].
  4. Generate high-quality renderings [2].

[1]You're welcome to modify the logo however you want, to perhaps enhance it or change the colors to fit your render settings. The only required edit is to reduce the size of the inner pin and pin holes in the model so that they're more balanced. The pin diameters should probably be half of the plate diameter.

[2]Note that rendering is a really complicated topic that is too much to explain here, but the readme.txt file tries to give you some hints on things you can try. See the more detailed Intro to MGED for more details and tutelage. You can adjust colors, color balance, and create background transparency in an external program, but the basic image should be rendered with BRL-CAD. Render an image and then make the background transparent. BRL-CAD's default background is 0/0/1 to facilitate this operation. Make any adjustments and upload.

Submit your updated logo.g file and a sample 1024x1024 rendering in png format. Provide a write-up on how you created your final image.

There are follow-on tasks to create a final logo press kit using this image.