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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Eliminate Warnings in the Bullet Library

completed by: Jacob L

mentors: Sean, Mihai Neacsu

BRL-CAD is currently using the Bullet Physics Library experimentally.
The latest version of the libary (2.8.2) compiles with many warnings
and we would like to (1) fix the source code to eliminate those
warnings and (2) create a patch for the fixes and submit them along
with a bug report to the Bullet development team.


  • (or whatever is the latest)

Download and unpack the Bullet library twice into two separate
directories: (1) a working directory where you can test and make
changes and (2) a read-only directory as a rreference to the original
sources. When all build warnings are eliminated, make a single patch
for all the edits you've made and submit it here. After the patches
are reviewed/approved, a follow-on task will be created to submit your patch to the Bullet developers.

Keep and also submit detailed notes on the steps you take.