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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Design a new website landing page for BRL-CAD #7

completed by: utkarshsingh

mentors: Mihai Neacsu, Ishwerdas

The website of BRL-CAD is undergoing significant changes. We have a design mockup at and but there are various aspects that we know could use improvement. One of those is the main page that will be presented when someone goes to

This style guide can be use for consistency or you can try to impress us with something different:

Redesign the front page of our web site. The only requirement is to adhere to a consistent visual style and make it impressive. Be creative. The output should be 2 design files, one for large screen, and one for small screens (e.g., mobile). The format can be images or html/css/javascript mockup.

Submit your design in whatever raw editable format you used along with a screenshot in png format. Also submit a brief write-up (this can be a txt file upload or detailed in a comment) telling us why is it an improvement over existing design.

  • Existing/old site design:
  • Updated/proposed new site: and