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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Design a BRL-CAD splash screen #3

completed by: mukul kamboj

mentors: Deepak, Sean

BRL-CAD's new modeling interface, archer, displays a splash screen when you start the program.  This is what it currently looks like:

There are several problems with that image.  It uses our old logo.  It references the wrong website.  It has a massive pointless ""icon"".  It proclaim's archer being trademarked (distracting).

Your task is to design a completely new splash screen that has none of those problems, is visually interesting, optionally incorporates our new logo, and optionally references our main website (

Check out some of the other design tasks for inspiration.  Make yours look even more impressive, artistically interesting. ;)

Submit your image in whatever raw working format you use (e.g., psd), preferably something with layers in case we need to change anything, but also submit a final png image as well.