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Google Code-in 2014 BRL-CAD

Create a web gallery of GCI 3D models #2

completed by: Yash

mentors: Popescu Andrei, Hardeep Singh Rai

We've had a lot of 3D modeling submissions this year. We'd like to see them showcased so they may all be easily compared.

Download all of the submitted designs (note that some tasks uploaded zip files with multiple models) and create a web page that showcases them roughly the same size and organized per user. Doesn't have to be anything complicated or fancy but you do have to include all designs for this year.

If you know a little bit of coding, you might want to use/modify this tool to automatically download them all:

Create a web page that displays a preview of each 3D model. Most if not all tasks include a preview image that you can scale (so they're all about the same size) and use for the gallery. Include the name of the author with each design and a link to the GCI task.

Upload a zip file that includes your web page and images. You're welcome to use any languages, but the end-result will ideally be something we can unzip and open in a browser.

  • Type "Model" into the Title for Completed Tasks here (ignore the Transcript ones):