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Google Code-in 2014 Drupal

Download Drupal 8, Create a quick Blog Site, and Post blogs from a mobile device.

completed by: Tasya Aditya Rukmana

mentors: Jingsheng Wang

Installing Drupal 8 is fairly easy and within a few additional minutes you can create a basic blog site. After setting up a quick test site with a blog, log into the website's admin user interface on a mobile device and try to post a blog.

Deliverables - Provide a link to your test blog site in Melange for mentor to review. Provide screenshots from your mobile device of writing the posts. Most importantly write a blog post about the experience and note in detail the experience of creating content in Drupal via mobile user interface. What are both positive and negative experiences from the process? How can Drupal improve our basic core's mobile interface for creating content?

Resources -