GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 Drupal

Download and document every single step of installing Drupal 8

completed by: Nafisa Hussain

mentors: cs_shadow

In every version of Drupal we try to improve the user experience and interface for installation with basic configuration options. This is is a fairly important aspect of our UI/UX as it is the first thing new users are exposed to when testing Drupal. It is important for our community that new users such as yourself that are not familiar with the installation pages we see daily and let us know if it is easy to use.

Deliverables - Write a blog about your experience installing Drupal 8 with notes about every single step you task including reading documentation. Please document both positive and negative experiences. What can we improve on? What was confusing to you as a new user? Design/layouts issues? Is any of the description text confusing? How does this installation experience compared to other CMS? Post blog URL in Melange for mentor to review with screenshots/casts.

Resources -