GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Fix libavg coding convention violations

completed by: Phan Duy Duc

mentors: Mario Behling, Ulrich von Zadow

Your task is to fix some coding convention violations in the media development framework libavg.

About libavg

libavg allows programmers, media artists and designers to quickly develop media applications. It uses python as scripting language and is written in high-speed C++. libavg is a framework for creating applications that use a lot of media, e.g. company showroom installations or museums. libavg is also great for multitouch development. It supports Win7 Touch, Linux Drivers, TUIO and even the Apple Multitouch Trackpad - in short, all major driver models.

How To

To work on your task, you first need to fork libavg on github. Then install and test libavg on your computer by cloning the forked project to your local computer and following the installation instructions appropriate for your operating system:

  * Ubuntu:
  * Windows:
  * Mac OS X:
The instructions say to clone the libavg master repository - replace this with your fork.

Once this is done, you are ready to fix some coding convention violations. The coding conventions are described here: You need to go through the libavg source code (in your clone under the src/ directory) and find places where they are not followed. Find a file to fix and make the necessary changes.

To check that you didn't make any mistakes, you need to recompile libavg and run the tests again. If that works, commit your work with an appropriate comment and push your changes to github. Finally, submit a pull request to libavg.