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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Spread awareness about Free Open Source Software in Chemistry

completed by: Anirudha B

mentors: Praveen Patil

Meet Chemistry Teachers in your school/college and spread awareness about Free  Software and Open Hardware that can be useful in Chemistry teaching and learning.

You can gather information about such software  ( eg. Kalzium, GPeriodic, Avogadro etc... at least three) and convey the information to your teachers.

Document the interaction with pictures. Publish your content on a blog and tweet the link @fossasia and use the hashtag #FOSSASIA and #ExpEYES

Create a blog on 'Edublogs'

If you are adjusting pictures or other materials try to use as much as possible Open Source solutions, e.g. Inkscape and Gimp for image manipulation and LibreOffice for text editing.

Do not forget to tweet your interaction with @fossasia and add the hashtag #FOSSASIA to your tweet, so we can easily find it.

Lets spread awareness about FOSS in Education!

Links for FOSS in Chemistry