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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Write an article about your first experiment with free software

completed by: PolBaladas

mentors: Hong Phuc

Write an article telling students around the world about your first experiment with free software. 

- how did you learn about free software? what do you like about it? 

- which software did you first install on your computer?

- what is your favourite software? have you done any work contribution to that software project [such as report a bug, show other how to use it, or translate the tutorial to your own language, help to improve a function etc]

- write about a project that you complete with free software (either for classroom purpose or for your own interest)

- why do you think students at younger age should start to learn about opensource and free software?


* include some pictures/screenshot to make your article more appealing to people. 

* agree that your article will be published on FOSSASIA blog page.