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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Help writing parts for the new book on GNOME 3 Application Development in Chinese

completed by: Yid-hang Zinc

mentors: Tong Hui

Here is what we already finished:

We want to write a book for GNOME 3 Applications Development in Chinese.

We chose the book "GNOME 3 Application Development Beginner's Guide" written by Mohammad Anwari. However it was written in 2012, and did not cover newer versions of GNOME / GTK.  So we decided to base our book and his one, but port all code to GNOME 3.14, and import seed / gjs support for most of code examples. 

Some Steps: 

  • Chose at lease one chapter you want to contribute from Github link above. If you could cover two is better.
  • Contact mentor (Tong Hui) to apply a copy of "GNOME 3 Application Development Beginner's Guide" written by Mohammad Anwari and original code examples.  
  • Reading the whole book, and then start translating the chapter which you chose. 
  • Try to port code example to GNOME 3.14, make it running well and good code styling. 
  • Finish at lease one chapter by the end of 30 days.


  • Chinese Writing / Reading Skill (Simplified or Transitional both OK )
  • English Reading skill
  • Markdown 
  • Git and Github
  • Vala / Seed / GJS / experience for GNOME/GTK applications development (optical)
  • Latex (optical)

Note: At lease finish one chapters, more chapter more better.