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Help to write Wikipedia Articles about FOSSASIA speakers or organizers

completed by: Amr

mentors: Hong Phuc

There are a number of important speakers and organizers who participated in FOSSASIA conferences. Please write an article in English, your own or another language about one person, who involved in FOSSASIA and qualifies for an entry in the Wikipedia

Examples are: Colin Charles, Cat Allmann, Stephanie Taylor, Jon Phillips, Hong Phuc Dang, Kushal Das, Mario Behling, Sven Berg Ryen, Justin Lee, Davide Storti, Dominik Stankowski, Chia-liang Kao, Julien Lavergne, André Rebentisch.

Speaker's info of FOSSASIA'14 is here for example:

If an article exists already please help to expand it.

Write at least 500 words, and add pictures and links. Add for each person, that they participated in FOSSASIA.


Read how to write a good article: 


  • Login to Wikipedia with a username
  • Write at least 500 words
  • Add at least two pictures to your article (e.g. take it from freely licensed flickr photos)
  • Add link to organization websites and social media
  • Add links to media articles  


FOSSASIA on Wikipedia: 




  • FOSSASIA '14
  • FOSSASIA '12
  • FOSSASIA '11