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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

My First Step in the FOSS World with FOSSASIA and GCI

completed by: Poornima

mentors: Praveen Patil

Note: This task is for absolute beginners in basic computer skills and FOSS. Please do not claim this task if you have already completed a similar task on Creating a Blog.


Learning Objective of the Task

  • To learn basic blogging skills for communicating with the world, with the use of Free and  Open Source Software.
  • Awareness about Free Open Source Software.


Details of the Task Step by Step:

Related Links are given below.

  1. Create a blog on Edublogs.
  2. Create "About Me" page and add details about yourself along with a photograph.
  3. Write a blog post about how did you come to know about GCI and what inspired you to participate in Google Code-In.
  4. Write another blog post "My First Step in the FOSS World with FOSSASIA and GCI" add all the details about any awareness session you attended and how did you begin your new journey with FOSS.
  5. Add links to "FOSSASIA" and GCI in the blog.
  6. Send a request and Connect to Class Blog "Let's Learn Coding with FOSSASIA and GCI"  (
  7. Share your learning experience.
Share your Learning Experience

During the process of working on this task and/or when you finish it,

  • Please tweet about it mentioning @fossasia and using the hashtag #FOSSASIA
  • Also don't forget to follow FOSSASIA on
  • Also please provide links and info about the task on a blog or website, if possible.
  • Please post your work/link to your blog on the FOSSASIA Facebook page<wbr/>fossasia


Some useful links

  1. About FOSSASIA :
  2. About FOSS :
  3. Edublogs :
  4. Connecting to Class Blog:
  5. Inserting photo/image to Edublogs :