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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Design a Tshirt with a slogan in your language for the FOSSASIA community or event

completed by: Rahul Bellubbi

mentors: Mario Behling

Design a Colored Tshirt with a slogan in your language for the FOSSASIA community in your area or for a FOSSASIA event (e.g. for Singapore from March 13-15) with Open Source graphics applications and provide your source files in Open Source formats like XCF of SVG. Consider using different Asian languages or cultural influences on your design.

There some inspiring tutorials online for example for Gimp and Inkscape, but also many other.

For Gimp have a look here:

For Inkscape see tutorials here:

Sources for FOSSASIA designs are here:


  • Please use the FOSSASIA font or our vector graphics for your design [Folder here]
  • Provide your designs as source files, e.g. a SVG file with vector graphic components or as XCF
  • Export the file as a png for previews
  • Show the designs on a Tshirt outline
  • Please ensure a good resolution for print e.g. above 300dpi


  • Simply adding the FOSSASIA logo and some other logos to a T-shirt outline is not sufficient

Useful applications


More Free Graphics Software, have a look on Wikipedia:

More info on Vector Graphics here:

Source Files

A folder with sample graphics is available here:

Participants of FOSSASIA 2014 wearing shirts of the event with local Khmer and English script